A great ride for any great event – Welcome to The Breakdance, Australia’s favourite ride.

The Breakdance is a professionally maintained, unique, vibrant, family friendly and universally popular ride that adds energy and fun to any city show or major event.

The Breakdance is not just any ride…it is an experience to be enjoyed by riders of all ages.

The Breakdance offers long and exciting rides and great value for money that keeps patrons coming back for more.

It is loved particularly by children and teens who embrace the atmosphere created by its up-to-date lighting, stunning paintwork and unique movement.

The Breakdance is carefully monitored by our well-trained, conscientious and safety conscious, friendly and reliable ride staff.

Our History

Frank Laurie Pty Ltd is a family run business whose attractions are always presented to the highest possible standard.

Born and raised in Show families, Principals, Kerry Blades and Frank Laurie are pure show people, with Kerry a seventh generation showman and Frank third generation.

Frank and Kerry’s children Dempsey and Tia

Their forebears moved between shows across the country and from city to city, operating games, amusement rides and attractions, with Frank’s family famously owning and operating the historic steam run merry-go-round. Frank himself has over 40 years of amusement ride experience and personally maintains the reliability and safety of The Breakdance Ride.

Safety Comes First

Breakdance Give A High Priority With Safety Standards To Avoid Hazards

To avoid risks and hazards, all staff is kept up to date with safety regulations and take precaution when operating The Breakdance Ride.

Our Staff are fully Trained to:

  • Eliminate the hazard: Breakdance staff acknowledges that this is the most effective way to make the work place safer.
  • Change equipment or materials: Breakdance staff are aware of the redesigning of equipment or processes, with strongly trained staff to avoid possible injuries and respect ride safety regulations.
  • Change work methods: Breakdance staff regularly alternate to increase knowledge and experience in all aspects of the ride
  • Staff training: Breakdance staff ensure the safety of the public is of the highest priority at all times. All training is documented and recorded in the ride log book.

Our Affiliations

Contact Us

Frank Laurie Pty Ltd

Director: Frank Laurie

Mobile: 0408 389 352

Mail: PO Box 691,
Sydney Markets, NSW, 2129

Email: info@lauriesbreakdance.com.au

Company ABN: 70 123 030 062


Corporate hire available please enquire for a quote