Staff & Uniforms

Great staff make a great ride

Frank and Kerry continually work hard to select and maintain a fun, friendly and hard working crew that loves their job – which is obvious at all times.

We take enjoyment and safety seriously and staff members are fully trained to be careful and polite to make each ride memorable.

Staff are fully trained in managing the operation of The Breakdance and to be clearly aware of the safety, risk, health and licensing issues involved.

Fantastic service with a smile
Fun Friendly and trained

Staff wear their distinctive uniforms with pride. Uniforms consist of a braided purple and gold polo top and pants with matching jacket, jumper and cap for added protection against the weather.

Theming & Presentation

A Full Themed Ride Experience

Frank is always investing and updating The Breakdance Ride to keep it looking fresh and new for every show to help create a vibrant and fun atmosphere at any event.

  • awesome music/sound system
  • power saving Italian LED lighting looks spectacular and
  • uses 70% less power

Ride Dimensions

A Few General Facts about The Breakdance Ride

  • The electric driven Breakdance Ride is a mobile device, reaching speeds of 12rpm
  • It holds 16 seating supports, carrying 2 Adults or 3 children per support and a grand total of up to 48 patrons.
  • Power requirements for BreakDance are 150amps per phase.
  • Minimum operational requirements 17×17 meters
  • Crowd control Tensa barriers in place, as used in Australian Airports.

Show Requirements

All paperwork is kept up-to-date and will be provided on request.

This includes:

  • Copy of Engineers Certificate and Electrical Certificate
  • Copy of the ride log book as per AS3533.2 Supplement 1
  • Staff training plan and manual
  • Occupational Health and Safety Policy, Risk Assessment and Safe Systems of Work.

  • Harassment Policy and Equal Employment Opportunity Policy
  • Workers Compensation Insurance
  • Public and Products Liability Insurance Policy insured to a limit of $20 million
  • N.S.W. Ride Registration

Plus any other items that maybe required.